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Cactus: October 14

A good week for Cactus!

We started the week with some leisurely pasture rides.

On Wednesday & Thursday, the wind was almost unbearable, so we stayed on the place with the building's protection working on some Pillar Work.

Today, Cactus got to find out what being a using horse is all about. We had to bring the cows & calves up to the place so that we could put the Quiet Wean nose flaps in the calves (which makes the weaning process easier by not allowing the calves to suck from the cows). Cactus got to bring up the tail end of the herd up to the place. Then, we had to sort the cows away from the calves (video link: Cactus did great pushing the cows & calves, getting bumped into, & handled the 4-wheeler great!

I have dentals scheduled for the new client horses on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 19. I am going to have him take a look at Cactus. If he needs to be done, we'll do him so that he'll be good to go on that front once he goes home.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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