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Cactus: November 11

A cold but good week for Cactus. I was hit with a fever Sunday night & Monday & so I laid low for a couple of days. From Wednesday on, Cactus continued to help me pony his pen mates, Rowdy & Slate. Ponying has been really good for him as I have to ride one-handed while the other hand manages the other horse. Cactus really has to be listening to my legs & got a chance to do some neck reining as well.

We continue to check on his body control. He's come so far from the horse that couldn't think straight & would rather rear up than think through & listen to the cues given. Now, I can go from backing to sidepassing to yielding the hindquarters to a turnaround without him getting terribly flustered. Dr. Kendal Smith is coming up on Monday & Tuesday (November 14 & 15) to help us preg-check cattle, work on horses, & help one of my personal horses cross the rainbow bridge. I will have her check Cactus over & make any adjustments necessary.


Next week's update will be posted on Saturday.


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