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Lexy Nuesch Horsemanship

Cactus: May 6

Cactus received his first ride here this week! We've worked on Lateral Flexion, One Rein Stops, & a bit of Lateral Bending. He struggled a fair bit with the Lateral Flexion under saddle. He was content to walk a small circle or hang on the rein rather than keeping his feet still & softening laterally to the rein. (I think that may have been a teeth & body issue that we ironed out at Knotty Equine.) I anticipate he'll be more comfortable when we continue riding next week.

As with Zakai, in order for me to be able to flip his switch from reacting to thinking when we're riding outside & going at faster gaits if that's where he may need most of his work, I need to know that he's confident in the things I'll ask in the arena where he's already pretty comfortable.

Today, Cactus was trimmed & did great!


We visited Jen at Knotty Equine on Thursday, May 5th.