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Cactus: May 26

This week, we've continued working on Lateral Flexion, One Rein Stops, & Vertical Flexion at the Standstill. He's continued to improve in those. Not quite where I would like him to be, but he's on his way. I also added in Cruising (cruise control at my chosen gait). He's very magnetized to the gate so we spent time working in that area of the arena & resting on the opposite side.

I decided to take Cactus down the gravel roads to see how he would do & how his behavior compares outside of the arena to what he's like inside. I feel he's more confident outside of the arena than inside! He did really well. We put some miles on trotting & loping on a loose rein.

Our big goals right now are to work on slowing him down mentally to begin waiting for me as well as working softness.


Next week, we'll continue with Lateral Flexion, One Rein Stops, Cruising, & Vertical Flexion. I may add in Bending at the Walk & Bending Transitions.


Next week's update will be posted Friday night.


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