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Cactus: March 26

This week, we had enough of the snow drifts melt that we were finally able to get out to our west pasture! Cactus got to stretch his legs & spent a good deal of our sessions loping. It's obvious that he was happy to get out & about in "new" scenery watching his expression & ears. He's enjoyed helping check cows frequently as calving approaches, too.

We also started playing with the lay down this week. I was hoping to utilize the positive reinforcement/tap the belly method (tap belly to get his head down, walk the hind legs forward, pick up a front leg, & progress into the lay down). However, since Cactus is so stoic, he doesn't do a great job of searching for the answer, so I think we'll end up going with the "pick the leg up, go into a bow, & progress into the lay down" method of the lay down.

Today, Cactus was introduced to the ShopVac/blower. He was a bit unsure initially but quickly accepted it & stood great while I blew the dust & loose hair out of his coat.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.

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