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Cactus: March 17

From one extreme to the next this week! We enjoyed the couple days of warm weather while they lasted & made the best of a snowy, windy, & cold day today.

I couldn't pass up the opportunity on Wednesday, with the almost 70º weather, to give horses baths to wash the winter off. As usual, Cactus hardly moved a muscle during his bath.

We also had enough snow melt away from the creek banks that we were able to wade through the creek in the nice weather & ride through the cattle.

This week's primary focus was once again on transitions, stopping, staying soft in my hands each time I pick up, & loping. We practiced this both on the place during our dry work as well as while riding out & about.

After attending the cowhorse clinic this past week, I made the leap & will be adding a CowTrac (a mechanical flag that can mimic cutting a cow). They told me it might be 3 weeks to a month before it arrives, but I'm hopeful it will come before Cactus goes home, as I think it would benefit him.


Next week's update will be posted on Sunday.


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