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Cactus: June 4

This week, we've continued with Lateral Flexion, One Rein Stops, & Cruising. We've also begun working on Bending with Vertical & Shoulder In/Out with a bit of Counter Bending. With these exercises, I'm specifically working on gaining control of the head, neck, & shoulders. Cactus' carries a lot of tension in his head & neck & it manifests visibly in his busy mouth. The softer we can get the head & neck, the more that will dissipate & the softer the rest of his body will be. A soft horse is a fun horse & typically a safer horse.

I'm also very aware to keep everything that I do slow & consistent. Slow is fast & smooth is fast in the long run. Cactus gets to "thinking fast" & reacting/anticipating at times & I have to bring him back to center, either in speed or direction.

I've included a link to a video from Friday evening. Just as with Zakai, you'll see that it's a lot of repetition with pressure & release. I'll be able to show & explain what exactly I'm doing & looking for when you come for a lesson.


Next week, we'll continue working on these exercises & add in more ribcage control.


Next week's update will be posted Friday night/Saturday.


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