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Cactus: June 23

This week, Cactus has put on many miles outside of the arena - much of those at the trot & lope.

Cactus is still getting used to the new bit but has improved a fair bit considering how flustered he would get when he couldn't brace against it as easily as he did the snaffle.

Just like with Zakai, we've been focusing a lot on Vertical Flexion at all gaits with Cactus, but for different reasons. Zakai's focus is on the hindquarters, while Cactus' focus is on getting rid of the brace in his head & neck. We've also done A LOT of stopping as that's another area where he really wants to brace.

He's been able to slow things down & think through the Turnaround, Sidepassing, & Yielding the Hindquarters a bit more, too.


Next week, we'll continue building upon our previous exercises. We'll likely ride over to the Plum Creek Wildlife Management Area if weather permits.


Next week's update will be posted Friday.

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