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Cactus: July 29

At the beginning of the week, Cactus visited my Rollback Fence in the hay yard & wow, Cactus sure let his athleticism shine there! We also spent time out in the pasture working on the Circle 'N Circle exercise around the yucca plants.

Throughout the week, we did a lot of riding out & about bareback & under saddle.

I think I may have found a bit that Cactus does a little bit better in - a Jr. Cowhorse bit.

On our first day in this bit under saddle, we spent some time back in the arena reviewing One Rein Stops as well as working with the verbal cues of "Hey" to slow down & "Whoa" to stop without using the reins at all.

I'm excited about the trips coming up that will really show me where Cactus is at.

We leave early tomorrow (Saturday) morning for Pierce for a weekend full of trimming, lessons, & riding.


Next week, we'll head down to the WMA ground, as it looks like the gate is open again. We're also scheduled to have Jen out on August 3rd for their follow-up Equinitry sessions.


Next week's update will be posted Thursday.


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