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Cactus: July 1

This week, we've seen a great deal of improvement! Cactus is figuring out how to respond to the new bit & that has made a big difference.

He's gotten much better with Vertical Flexion at all gaits. We've really been focusing on Draw to Walk Transitions & Draw to Stop taking the brace out of his head & neck as we transition down. We continue to sprinkle Shoulder In/Out, Sidepassing, & Yielding the HQ throughout our rides.

I've found that we're able to accomplish more with our exercises while working on them outside of the arena with Cactus. He's happiest when he has somewhere to go over going in circles in the arena. In time, we'll revisit the arena, but for now, we'll continue to ride outside.

On Thursday, we had to stop to pick mulberries. Cactus couldn't let me have them all to myself. 😉

Cactus Helping Pick (& Eat) Mulberries

Last Friday, Cactus & I went for a little evening bareback ride down the lane. He did great!


Next week, we'll continue riding outside while working on the exercises that Cactus can continue to improve on. We'll also head over to the WMA for a ride. Riding the two miles to the WMA, riding a couple of miles around, & riding the two miles back will be great for Cactus!


Next week's update will be posted Friday.


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