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Cactus: January 27

Cactus had an easy week getting cleaned & trimmed up as we prepped for his trip to the vet on Wednesday.

While Cactus is usually very compliant during trimming, I've paid extra attention to when/if he pulls a foot away. He did want to pull his hind feet away a few times as if he were uncomfortable. While we now know nothing showed up on the radiographs, I am curious to see if he's more comfortable in the hind end for trimming after the injections.

Cactus hauled & loaded/unloaded great (aside from being a bit unsure about the slick spot in the trailer where snow had blown in upon loading to leave the vet). He's such a trooper.

Once home from the vet, Cactus settled into his stall. He really seemed to like the Suite Stall Mats. He was content enough to lay down in the stall & has been a happy camper otherwise. We've got another snowstorm coming this evening & through the weekend. I'll probably keep him in the stall until the middle of next week so that he isn't stressing anything unnecessarily in the snow.


Next week's update will be posted on Saturday.


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