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Cactus' Final Update: May 25

Cactus had a good last week here & did everything from riding in the arena, down the gravel roads, through the pastures, & through the creek. It's going to be hard to see him go after spending just over a year with him, no doubt. It's been fun to see how he's changed mentally & physically.

After last Friday's trip down the road with a client & her slow mare where I had to hold him back a bit since he has such a large walking stride, I did notice that it caused him to want to get a bit faster & a bit stiff at times throughout the week. It was enlightening as it's likely what caused a lot of what you experienced with him at home before sending him here.

To help combat this, we did a lot of work on a loose rein & worked on our verbal cues when transitioning down in gait & stopping.

He truly excels the most when he's able to hit the trails on a loose rein & we'll be wishing we had a horse like him when we head out to Fort Robinson in a couple of months! If he turns up missing around that time, I might know where he is. 😉 I hope you get to enjoy him once he's home. Please keep me updated on him in the years to come!


Feeding Amounts:

AM: 4# Magnify (yellow tag) w/ 1.5# OMG (pink tag)

PM: 8# AlfaLux


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