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Cactus: February 17

I hope you didn't get hit with much snow this week! This week, Cactus got to continue to practice his hobbling/ground tying & we got to go on a couple of windy rides checking cows & a beautiful gravel road ride this evening!

It's been incredibly nice to finally be able to venture farther off of the place for a change. We still have to maneuver around some ice, but we're seeing more & more bare ground every day! I wish I could have gotten a video of today's ride during the nice weather, but my phone battery was on it's last bit of juice.

Cactus has been doing well with the ground tying/hobbling. Since I had the three other client horses tied to the trailer today getting cleaned up for pictures, Cactus got to hang out hobbled for the afternoon. He didn't move a muscle while I was working with a young, more reactive gelding right beside him.

Tomorrow, Cactus will accompany me & a few other horses back to Pierce while I trim a few horses & then up to Bloomfield to the indoor arena where we'll give a couple of lessons. I'm curious to see if Cactus will feel any different inside an arena after his injections.


Next week's update will be posted on Friday.


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