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Cactus: April 7

I hope you're all enjoying this nice weather! We're hopeful we had our last snow & ice this past Tuesday & Wednesday. Next week's weather looks to be fantastic!

Last weekend, Cactus got to tag along to Pierce & helped me teach a lesson. He did well, as always.

He's been doing so much better at the lope. We've spent some time loping both in my parent's arena & again today now that the arena is finally dry enough to ride in for the first time this year! He hasn't had that rushed feeling that he often has when loping in an arena & was content to lope around on a loose rein. As you'll see in the video, he still continues to hunt that stop. A simple "whoa" & sitting down in my saddle brought him to an immediate halt.

The rest of the week, we've continued to hone in his responsiveness to the outside rein, check cattle now that we're calving, & work on the lay down.

Next week, we'll continue to chip away at these exercises & we may even play with some bridle-less work.


Next week's update will be posted on Saturday.


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