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Cactus: April 15

I hope you enjoyed the warm weather this past week! I think we reached 91° on Thursday.

This week, we continued to work on improving Cactus' neck reining & began to play with some bridleless riding using Guy McLean's Horseman's Mirror. At these earlier stages, I don't go straight to removing the bridle. You'll see that I have tied the reins to the saddle horse so they're still there in case I need to help him with the bridle. We were able to walk, trot, & lope "bridleless"; he did quite well. As he gets more confident & responsive, we'll progress to removing the bridle.

While riding bridleless isn't necessarily something you'll make use of, it will help Cactus to really tune into the cues of the reins laid on his neck & from my legs.

The horses also enjoyed a few warm days that were perfect for hosing off & standing tied at the trailer. So nice to knock some of the dust & winter hair off & see that shine!

Next week, we'll continue to play with bridle-less riding. We're also scheduled to make a trip up to Knotty Equine on Tuesday, April 18th.

Next week will be a bit shorter as I'll head down to TX for my annual Business Mastermind for Horse Trainers from Thursday through Sunday.


Next week's update will be posted on Wednesday.


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