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Unlock Your Horse's Potential

Lexy Nuesch Horsemanship

Sold Horses

Sold Horses


2012 AQHA Palomino Mare


It is never too soon to start a young horse on the path to success! Groundwork, starting under saddle, and a good foundation are needed to make a good riding horse. 


Minimum of 90 days of work


★☆ Price ☆★

Board/Hay: $375/30 days

Training/Riding: $30/day


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Many horses often do not have a proper start and pick up habits that riders find hard to fix. I will help you and your horse overcome these problems and work with you to establish and maintain good habits that benefit the partnership between you and your horse.


Minimum of 90 days of work


★☆ Price ☆★

Board/Hay: $375/30 days

Training/Riding: $30/day

Price may vary according to problem


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*While your horse is in training with me, I require at least two lessons so that you can make the most out of your horse's training. Lessons are offered free of charge while your horse is in training.


Regular Lesson Rates 


★☆ Price ☆★

Private – $50/hour

Group – $40/hour/person

mileage rate may be applicable ($0.58/mile roundtrip)



Contact me if you would like to host a Foundation Groundwork & Riding
 Clinic at a location of your choice. 


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Do you need to sell a horse? I can prepare your horse to sell through training, grooming, photos/videos, & marketing/advertising.


★☆ Price ☆★

Board/Hay & Training/Riding Fees

+ Sales Prep/Marketing Package Fee ($200/package)

+ 15% commission fee


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I started barrel racing at a very young age & it is a large passion of mine. I have taken a slight break from it as I've gotten my business up & running as well as started life in a new location while planning a wedding. I have learned techniques from some professionals in the industry: Ed Wright and Bogie Webb. While I do not formally start client horses on the pattern right now, the foundation applied at LNHT makes it easy to continue progressing right to the pattern. I will be taking horses in for more specific barrel training in the future.


Horses will likely be exposed to cattle in the pasture at some point during training.

At this time, I do not have the opportunity to rope any live critters. 


"No Hoof, No Horse."


I use the ABC Hoofprint Trim which trims a horse's hoof to the interior structures of the foot. This will not be a quick 15 minute trim as I pay substantial attention to detail to address the heels, hoof wall, bar, frog, & dorsal angle. I will often map the hoof to aid in achieving balance. While trimming, I will also educate the owner. I prefer to stay on a 4-8 week schedule, depending on the horse's needs based on structure, terrain, & movement.


Horses in training will be put on a 4-8 week schedule unless you make arrangements with your own farrier.

★☆ Price ☆★

$50* ** ***

*(add $15 if a horse is in need of a set-up trim)

** (add $20 if you would like photo documentation of your horse's hooves over time)
*** $30/hr training fee, if applicable

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