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Cactus | $7,500

Cactus Jack
2011 MUStANG GElDING • 15h

For your consideration, Cactus Jack - a handsome, sorrel 2011 Mustang gelding bearing the Matt Zimmerman brand. This striking steed is far more than a shiny copper coat and quiet eyes - he is a testament to the blend of agility, endurance, and an ever-willing spirit of the Mustang.

Cactus is a seasoned trail horse, who rides as sure as the sun rises. Whether it's trekking through water, navigating complex obstacles, or exploring unknown terrain, this fearless Mustang will carry you with unshakeable confidence. His sweet and quiet demeanor paired with his exceptional ground-covering stride promises an unforgettable ride every time you saddle up.


Putting 50+ miles under his girth during our time at Fort Robinson State Park in August 2022 & again in July 2023, Cactus is no stranger to adventure covering the varied & often challenging terrain like he was designed to.

Though he may not be the next star of the performance classes, Cactus' truly enjoys the vast openness of the great outdoors on a loose rein. An arena isn't his stage; instead, he thrives amidst nature's beauty, enjoying the company of his human counterpart. This is a horse who is eager to explore the wilderness and ready to set off at a moment's notice. His body control not only enhances his practical abilities but will also be sure to impress onlookers on your trail expeditions whether you need to open a gate, maneuver around & over logs, or handle narrow trails. 

In addition to his strengths on the trail, Cactus is no stranger to cattle. During his time here, he's checked & brought cattle in from the pasture along with pushing them down the alley at preg checking & weaning time.

One of the many things to admire about Cactus is his consistency. Let him sit for a while, and when you come back, you'll find he's as ready and willing as ever, ready to ride off into the sunset. This consistency is not only a testament to his reliable nature but also makes him an ideal partner for a rider who might not be able to saddle up every day.

Although he may not be the type of horse to climb into your pocket, don't be mistaken - Cactus Jack is a gentleman through and through. He behaves impeccably on the ground. Whether you're grooming, bathing, tacking up, hobbling, trimming, or simply spending quality time, he stands as a model of equine good manners and tolerates every moment spent with his person.

Cactus's easygoing responsive nature combined with his diverse education makes him an exceptional choice for a light-handed, confident rider looking for an equine partner to share in their adventures. His potential is as vast as the landscapes he loves to traverse, and he is just waiting for the right person to uncover it.

Pre-purchase exams are welcome at the potential buyer's expense to ensure that you feel completely confident in this investment. As for shipping, we can easily arrange it to ensure Cactus reaches his new home safely and without stress.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to make this exceptional Mustang your next trail or endurance partner. Come experience the pleasure of riding Cactus Jack - your adventure awaits.

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