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Lexy Nuesch Horsemanship

LN Custom Cinches, Mecates, & More

Lexy's Sister Business

In Lexy's 'spare-time,' she enjoys creating custom mohair tack. These items include: straight, cutter, & roper-style cinches; mecate, loop, & split reins; pulling, straight, & roper-style breastcollars; & more!

LNH uses these custom cinches & pulling collars on a daily basis & won't use anything else!​

Arrow L Photography & Design

Lexy's Sister Business

Snapping photos has been a constant part of Lexy's life. It wasn't until 2020 that she decided to make it something that she would offer to others. Many of the photos that you see here on the website & Facebook pages are a glimpse into this portion of her life. In 2021, Lexy expanded to include select graphic design projects. 

Lexy has done all of her own website & graphic design.

Ridge Creek Tack


LNH is honored to be sponsored by Ridge Creek Tack!

Ridge Creek Tack is a horsewoman's jackpot! Quality tack for incredibly reasonable prices with oodles of size & color options to choose from! Ridge Creek Tack is my top recommendation for many of the required items to attend my clinics!

The first product that I purchased was a gorgeous loping hackamore. Now, my tack room is full of Ridge Creek Tack products. I have a collection of stiff knotted rope halters & 14-15 foot training lines & there's no other place that I will purchase my yacht rope mecate, performance, loop, & split reins. Other products include neck ropes, war bridles, bitless options, so much more! If there's a product or color that you don't see, she can do custom orders as well.

There's almost always a Ridge Creek Tack item in the photos posted on the LNHT Facebook page.

Ridge Creek has given me a coupon code for 10% off on top of just providing these affordable, eye-catching products. Use code "Lexy2019" when checking out for 10% off. This can be used during sales, but not with other coupon codes.

Redmond Equine


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