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Located in the Sandhills of North Central Nebraska

LNH is located just southwest of Johnstown, NE. The ranch is roughly 410 acres, with access to some of the neighbor's surrounding land that used to be part of the ranch not long ago. It's safe to say that the horses get to cover a great deal of country with the various pastures to ride in. The Plum Creek runs through the property & has proven to be an excellent experience for the horses & one of our favorite parts of the ranch as well. We have access to several miles of low traffic gravel roads that are ideal for a horse's first outing where they learn more about traveling in a straight line on a loose rein at all gaits. Horses also receive exposure to cattle while at LNH. Lexy places a fair bit of emphasis on groundwork & learning the basics through advanced maneuvers in the arena; however, once ready, our goal is to get horses out and about to experience as much as they can outside of the arena.

Having all of this in our backyard is just one factor that sets LNH apart from those who only have access to one or the other. 

Clinics & Fort Robinson State Park

Occasionally, Lexy travels across Nebraska & some of the surrounding states putting on a few horsemanship clinics each year. When there's room on the trailer, client horses are more than welcome to tag along for some additional experience & some are used as the demonstration horse during the clinic. 

One of Lexy's favorite places to ride off the ranch is Fort Robinson State Park near Crawford, Nebraska. Fort Rob is such a great place for client horses to experience whether they will spend their life as an arena horse, a working ranch horse, a kid's horse, or a trail horse.

Our Horse Nutrition & Health Care Program

At LNH, we take nutrition & the health & well-being of client horses very seriously.

All horses will have free choice 24/7 access to a large round bale of grass hay in a HayChix hay net &/or pasture turnout, dependent upon the time of year. Client horses will also receive:

D&D Nutrition's AlfalLux, a highly digestible, soft, & palatable alfalfa cube.
D&D Nutrition's Magnify, a forage-based high fat, low starch limited grain feed.

• D&D Nutrition's ΩMG, a forage-based high-fat supplement.
Redmond Equine's Crushed Rock, a pure, unrefined sea salt.

At the conclusion of training, horses are sent home with a 10-day supply of the feed & supplements fed during training.

Lexy Nuesch Horsemanship's horse health program is heavily integrated with Knotty Equine's Jennifer Day-Smith & Equinitry. Equinitry uses energy & the horse’s nervous system to pinpoint both mental & physical root causes of pain & related behavior issues. You could liken it to an equine electrician that reboots, & reroutes the horse’s internal wiring. Jennifer & her husband also handle our equine dentistry needs. Before stepping foot into the stirrup, all horses will receive a dental, deworming, & an Equinitry session with any needed follow up sessions. 

About lNH

Lexy Nuesch Horsemanship (formerly Lexy Nuesch Horse Training) was established in December 2014 when we accepted our first "official" outside client horse: a two-year-old paint filly that we started under saddle.

We specialize in starting young horses under saddle while giving them a foundation that will allow them to continue in any direction & discipline. There's just something about a young horse with a clean slate & an infinite amount of potential to be tapped into. While we prefer to start young horses, we also take in horses to be given a foundation of groundwork, re-started, re-educated, or sold.

When a client picks a horse up, I will walk into the pen to catch the client's horse unless a client is running short on time. Under almost no circumstances will a horse have been ridden before a client's arrival on pickup day. I will often pull the horses out in the morning for our last grooming session, my opportunity to spend a little more time with the horses as I will likely not see them again once they load up.


At the conclusion of training, I will be sending owners home with a 10-day supply of the grain & supplements that their horses received while at LNH. Each horse will also have their daily training journal sent via email shortly after training concludes. This journal will detail the exercises worked on each day, the days a horse was not worked with, & other pertinent information.

What Sets LNH Apart from Others?

One significant factor that sets LNH apart from others is the way I structure my pricing. Instead of charging a monthly rate for training/riding whether a horse gets worked 30 days or 15 days a month, I charge by the day so that owners are only getting charged for the days their horse is worked. For example, if weather, ranch duties, or my clinic schedule only allows me to ride 15 days a month, that's the number of days that you'll be charged for, not 30. 

I take pride in honest & frequent communication. When your horse comes to me for training, you can rest assured that you will be kept up-to-date with your horse's progress through general updates, photos, & videos. Horse owners have the opportunity to download the Equilab app to their phone or tablet so that they can see data on their horse's rides on a near-daily basis.

I have also incorporated bi-weekly physical condition photos sent to owners. I understand how hard it can be to send your precious horse to someone else for training, whether you know the trainer or not! I want owners to have peace of mind & to ensure an open line of communication on all aspects of their horse, such as nutrition, physical & mental well-being, & training progress!

I now include unlimited lessons at no extra charge with the training cost while a horse is in training at LNH & one lesson at no cost within two months following training. I highly recommend owners make it a priority to be a part of their horse's training so that they can make the most of it once they get their horse back home. One of my favorite quotes is:

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Unlock Your Horse's Potential

Often, I see people with horses that are pushy & disrespectful, stiff as a board, &/or won't ride at all three gaits on a loose rein. It is possible that they may not even know that their horse has the potential to be respectful, soft throughout their whole body, & a joy to ride inside the arena & outside on the trails. By unlocking their own potential, horse owners have the ability to unlock their horse's potential & vice versa! 

I enjoy leading those horse owners down that path so that their partnership with their horse can surpass their previous expectations!