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Unlock Your Horse's Potential

Lexy Nuesch Horsemanship

Located in the Sandhills of North Central Nebraska

LNH is located just southwest of Johnstown, NE. The ranch is roughly 410 acres, with access to some of the neighbor's surrounding land that used to be part of the ranch not long ago. It's safe to say that the horses get to cover a great deal of country with the various pastures to ride in. The Plum Creek runs through the property & has proven to be an excellent experience for the horses & one of our favorite parts of the ranch as well. We have access to several miles of low traffic gravel roads that are ideal for a horse's first outing where they learn more about traveling in a straight line on a loose rein at all gaits. Horses also receive exposure to cattle while at LNH. Lexy places a fair bit of emphasis on groundwork & learning the basics through advanced maneuvers in the arena; however, once ready, our goal is to get horses out and about to experience as much as they can outside of the arena.

Having all of this in our backyard is just one factor that sets LNH apart from those who only have access to one or the other.